Landscape Architecture Group



Landscape Architect 1 (Entry Level)

Entry level professional work requiring bachelor's degree in applicable science and no experience, or the equivalent (to a degree) in education and experience. (See the description of Architect 1 for comparable scope of work)


Landscape Architect 2

Intermediate professional level with developing ability to perform moderately complex project tasks with some independence. Normally reports to higher-level professional regarding work scope, schedule, analysis of design difficulties, and evaluation and re commendation of design solutions. Normally has science degree with at least 1-2 years' applicable work experience.


Landscape Architect 3

Fully competent in all conventional aspects of landscape architecture. Plans and conducts work requiring judgment in independent evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and/or modification of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria. Generally receives technical guidance on unusual or complex situations and supervisory approval of prepared project plans. May direct work of others on project-assignment basis. Normally has science degree with at least 3 to 4 years' applicable experience.


Senior Landscape Architect

Interprets, organizes, executes, and coordinates project assignments. Normally has science degree with 5 years' or more applicable experience. Responsible for complex and/or diverse project assignment design and development, and may supervise lesser-experienced staff toward assigned project task completion.


Manager of Landscape Architecture

Provides technical and administrative supervision and direction to assigned landscape architecture and support staff. Oversees and schedules all aspects of work within established operating unit of firm.