Architectural Management Group



Managing Partner/Principal

As Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for establishing overall goals and objectives and coordinating implementation plans. In conjunction with other executives, is responsible for realization of profits compatible with interests of clients and firm.



As a senior executive, is responsible for direction and control of a specific segment of the firm's activities to ensure operating plans are implemented to achieve corporate/partnership objectives. Has ownership-level responsibility and requires professional registration. May function as Project Partner or Principal-in-Charge on projects.


Chief Architect/Director of Operations

Responsible for establishing uniformly high production standards for all design and contract documents. Must be thoroughly familiar with entire architectural process and should possess managerial capability to lead and direct activities of all project-team personnel while monitoring technical production on all projects to insure adherence to quality standards at high productivity. Requires professional registration.


Director of Contract Administration

Administers all Contract Documents in the field during project construction in support of Project Manager. Registration is desirable but not required.


Project Manager

Responsible for administering all phases of project through construction. Has primary responsibility for budgeting, scheduling, planning, design, specification, and working drawings on a given project with authority to direct, control, and monitor all activities. Normally requires registration, but breadth of individual experience may replace registration.


Director of Design

Responsible to work with Project Manager/Partner or Principal in developing project-design requirements and solutions. Must possess a thorough knowledge of architectural practice with emphasis on design, building materials, construction methods, integration of engineering disciplines, and building costs/codes. Supervises the design department. Registration is desirable but not required.


Director of Structural Engineering

Responsible for developing structural requirements and solutions for projects and maintaining all aspects of structural engineering activities in the firm. Supervises structural-design personnel to ensure development of high-quality drawings and calculations. Requires professional registration.


Director of Specifications

Responsible for developing specification requirements and solutions for projects and maintaining all aspects of specification department. Requires considerable experience in writing specifications, as well as extensive experience in applying materials and methods to project job sites. Registration is desirable but not required.



Responsible for providing fiscal-control programs and accounting systems that respond to needs of projects and firm's business operation. Supervises and monitors all accounting activities and provides management timely financial information. Coordinates preparation of budgets and financial reports for firm.


Business/Administrative Manager

Responsible for handling office administrative support activities (i.e., human resources, purchasing, facilities maintenance, leasing, clerical support, etc.). In smaller firms, may also serve as Accounting Manager in coordinating all accounting functions.
Executive - Senior-Management Level
Managerial - Middle-Management/Supervisory Level
Administrative - Administrative Group Leader