Construction Services Group



Functional Responsibilities

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Construction Coordinator

Position supervises the installation of (discipline) equipment, systems, and components, using the technical knowledge and experience to aid installing contractors. Assures that equipment, systems, and components can be constructed without unnecessary delay. Coordinates scheduling of construction and provides communication with project management regarding progress and conflicts. Provides interpretation of specifications and contracts and monitors the construction process, verifying that work completed is in accordance with contract documents.

Contract Administrator

Consistent with management's goals, policies, and procedures; will expedite the preparation, review, and execution of contracts for the procurement of goods, materials, or services as related to the construction function. Involves the proper preparation of Preliminary Agreements and Contracts and the obtaining of all required approvals. Will assure that all clarifications and amendments of negotiations are incorporated into the final construction contract. Generates, maintains, and audits a central contract-resource file. Assures that necessary procedural controls exist.

Contract Engineer

Prepares requests for proposals and reviews technical specifications for accuracy. Will develop bid documents, bid evaluations, and award recommendations for issuance of contracts. Based on experience, the scope of projects evaluated will vary as well as the degree of supervision required of other technical staff. Will resolve contract-engineering problems that may involve evaluation, analysis, and modification or adoption of standard procedures.

Cost/Estimating Engineer

Position involves the preparation of quantity takeoffs (computerized or manual) from which cost database, prices of materials, and labor values can be determined and applied. Requires knowledge of technical methods, procedures, and the types of construction work involved. Requires the capability of applying sound cost-estimating and cost-control methods that are pertinent to the project and the evaluation, analysis, modification, or adoption of standard techniques. The degree of complexity of assignments will be dependent upon experience and technical know-how.

Field Engineer

Position monitors the activities of contractors on the construction site within a discipline or multiple disciplines based on experience. Initiates action as required to keep construction progress in line with overall project schedule and in conformance with the contract documents. Assists Resident Engineer or Construction Manager in the coordination of activities. Provides daily inspection of construction activities. Reviews contractors' payment applications, change orders, and equipment-vendor-payment requests, making recommendations to their supervisor. Schedules equipment and/or material delivery with contractor schedules to meet project schedule.


Position is responsible for the assembling and analyzing of project information and preparing understandable documents which serve as a tool to eliminate design discrepancies and problems, while improving the efficient planning and scheduling of projects. Will monitor projects in accordance to set schedules through use of analytical reports. Work requires the application of standard planning / scheduling techniques and methods based on level of experience and may involve substantial evaluation, analysis, and modification of such standards in problem-solving efforts.

Quality-Control Engineer

Position involves the performance of conventional quality-control functions within a discipline to ensure accuracy and completeness of design as they relate to materials, equipment, systems, and methods required in construction. Ensures that proper testing and analysis are undertaken and completed in the evaluation of these materials, equipment, and systems.

Resident Engineer

Position is responsible for multiple construction projects or a single project of a large scale requiring multiple disciplines. This includes reviewing design and bidding documents; soliciting, receiving, and evaluating contractor bids; supervising construction progress and scheduling; starting up process systems/equipment or facilities for turning over to the owner's personnel. Supervises field staff and contractors on the site with responsibility for quality construction in accordance with plans and specifications. Is responsible for approval of change orders, invoices, and payment applications which may include final payment.


Levels of Experience

Level 1, Entry

Assignments are concentrated in one functional area within individual's discipline or field. Works with close direction as to approach and desires end results. Becomes familiar with techniques, approaches, and procedures and the nature of engineering systems, equipment, etc., applicable to assignments. Requires engineering degree and 0 to 1 year's experience or the equivalent experience.

Level 2, Developmental

Individual is capable of independently performing most conventional technical functions within discipline. Work is reviewed for application of sound professional judgment. May provide technical direction to a few support personnel. Requires engineering degree plus 2 to 3 years' engineering or equivalent experience.

Level 3, Full Experience

Fully experienced and competent individual capable of performing all functions within a discipline and capable of solving difficult problems requiring substantial evaluation, analysis, and modification or adoption of standard techniques or methods. May provide technical direction to a small group of professionals and/or support personnel. Requires engineering degree plus 4 to 6 years' engineering experience or the equivalent.

Level 4, Supervisory

Supervisory level responsible for the technical activities related to numerous projects. Staffs, establishes objectives, and reviews performance of activities on projects directed. Requires engineering degree plus 7 to 9 years' experience or the equivalent.

Level 5, Managerial

Individual has full managerial responsibility for a given scope of work and the direction, control, and utilization of a staff of professionals and support personnel (at least ten or more in number). Is responsible for the scheduling, budgeting, and quality of projects within assigned discipline and scope of work. Requires engineering degree plus 10 or more years' related experience or the equivalent.