Immigration LCA Inquiry

Are you searching for prevailing wage data for a U.S. Department of Labor, Labor Condition Application (LCA)? Use the following form to request a Dietrich Surveys® Data Suitability Assessment. We will evaluate your submission and assess how we may assist your application.

We have over a decade of experience aiding the LCA process and meet all the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s (US DOL) survey source criteria. When you purchase the information we recommend, you will benefit from our experience with the nuances of LCAs, and receive a complimentary Dietrich Surveys® LCA Letter.

Dietrich Surveys are successfully used across the nation in LCA filings with the US DOL. The geographic detail of our data is ideally suited to substantiating your client’s salary – helping them to remain a valued employee. We have forty-plus years of experience researching the salaries of highly-skilled, technically proficient workers and advising America’s leading immigration law firms.

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