Laboratory Aide/Trainee

Is either a.) Non-technical support services to other laboratory personnel or b.) Trainee assigned to learn basic laboratory skills.


Laboratory Technician 1

Entry-level laboratory services where work is closely supervised and in accordance with well-defined standards and procedures of an uncomplicated nature. Does not require degree. 1-2 years’ experience and familiarity with laboratory procedures.


Laboratory Technician 2

Performs routine scientific tasks under close supervision or from detailed and controlled laboratory procedures. May gather and maintain specified scientific data records for supervisor and performs routine chemical or biological analyses. Requires Associate Degree and/or equivalent 2-3 years’ laboratory experience.


Laboratory Technician 3

Performs standardized or prescribed assignments involving a sequence of related operations. Conducts variety of standardized tests; may prepare test specimens; sets-up and operates standard laboratory testing equipment of moderate complexity; records test data providing some basic analyses and interpretations. Requires 4-5 years’ laboratory experience or bachelor’s degree.


Laboratory Technician 4

Performs wide variety of non-routine assignments of differing complexities under general supervisory direction. Receives objectives and technical advice from supervisor or project scientists. Maybe assisted by lower-level technician. Compiles data and computes results for a variety of scientific procedures and techniques. Sufficiently experienced in applicable scientific procedures and techniques to independently conduct tests or experiments for scientific projects and provide initial analyses of results to supervisor. Can select, modify, and/or adapt equipment or procedures to specific project needs. Requires 6-7 years’ laboratory experience or a bachelor’s degree with 1-2 years experience.


Laboratory Technician 5

Performs non-routine and complex scientific laboratory assignments with responsibility for planning and conducting complete projects of limited scope or portions of larger and more diverse projects. Can direct and coordinate efforts of other laboratory technicians when required. Fully competent and proficient in operating sophisticated scientific equipment, having ability to independently perform complex procedures and techniques with accuracy. Requires 8-10 years’ laboratory experience with some advanced technical schooling.


Supervising Laboratory Technician/Laboratory Technician 6

Supervises employees engaged in technical laboratory services. Conducts technically complex laboratory analyses requiring significant knowledge in specific area. May conduct complex research activities involving analysis and evaluation of research data in support of established scientific effort. Requires at least 10 years’ laboratory experience with advanced technical schooling in area of specialization.


Technician Disciplines:
     Biology – Primary activities deal with biological techniques and procedures within laboratory
     Chemistry – Primary activities deal with chemical processes and analyses within laboratory
     Medical/Clinical – Performs test for medical condition/disease identification that may involve preparing specimens, operating automatic analyzers, and manual tests; may work in several areas or specialize in one, such as histology, phlebotomy, etc.
     Field – Primarily involved in field collection and sampling activities; i.e. air, water, soil, etc.
     Instrument – Primarily involved in various electronic instrumentation procedures requiring calibration, monitoring, reading, and data analysis; may involve repair and maintenance of equipment.