CAD Drafting Job Titles



CAD Drafter Apprentice 

Trainee assigned to learn basic drafting skills and techniques.


CAD Drafter 1

Entry level with high school drafting training or other appropriate basic CAD experience. Copies sketches, layouts, and drawings prepared by others.


CAD Drafter 2

Entry level individual with some specialized technology relating to CAD or engineering such as Associates Degree or CAD Drafter 1 experience. Copies detailed plans and drawings.


CAD Drafter 3

Experienced draftsperson able to perform non-routine and complex drafting assignments requiring application of standardized drawing techniques. Works independently with occasional advice from supervisor and may direct efforts of less-experienced draftspersons. Should have good, working skills in CAD operations.


CAD Drafter 4

Involved in planning graphic presentations of complex designs having distinctive design features differing significantly from drafting precedents. May recommend minor design changes. May direct preparation of drawings by other draftspersons of lesser experience. Should be proficient in CAD design applications.


Drafting Supervisor

Coordinates work activities of drafting group (5 or more draftspersons) to ensure time schedules and quality are maintained. Incumbent will work with professional staff in scheduling work and assigning drafting-support staff to their projects. Normally requires experienced drafter with 10 or more years experience.