Manager of Administrative Services
Supervises administrative services including typing, communication systems, printing services, filing, mailing, purchasing, facilities’ maintenance, and other support services either in whole or in part, depending upon the size of the organization. Establishes systems and procedures for efficient and economical operation of support services.

Office Manager
Primary responsibility is to coordinate the administrative aspects of the office and to ensure that the office is working efficiently. Will supervise or direct the work activities of the clerical, secretarial, and other related administrative-support positions. Position normally reports to an executive in the company.

Risk Manager
Responsible for managing a comprehensive insurance and risk-management program. Will serve as liaison between the company, the brokers, the adjusters, and the attorneys involved on all insurance matters. Coordinates the company’s efforts to control or mitigate loss-producing conditions or injuries. Evaluates insurance coverage required, negotiates for coverage, and will review all agreements between the company and others to identify and limit liability exposures.

Security Guard
Responsible for protecting company property, employees, or information. Greets, informs, and logs in visitors. Investigates reports of suspicious activities. Operates base radio and maintains log of activities. Note: this is not an armed guard. Requires 1 year of security guard experience.

Materials Manager
Monitors, reviews, and coordinates all materials movement and storage. May be required to negotiate materials’ shipping and arrival times with carriers and schedule intra-facility materials movement. Oversees warehousing of raw materials and finished goods. Reviews accuracy of freight bills and rates for inbound and outbound shipments. May revise shipping routes for cost-effectiveness, when possible.

Purchasing Manager
Responsible for the management of the procurement functions within the company and the supervision of all purchasing staff. Will establish practices and procedures to be followed by Buyers and is responsible for overseeing negotiations of price and delivery. Responsible for selection of vendors, assessment of vendor capabilities, development of alternate sources, and evaluation of vendor performance.

Purchasing Agent
Responsible for the selection of vendors and the purchase of materials and equipment. Maintains and controls a system of records relative to purchase orders and their approval. Evaluates the service of vendors and the quality of items purchased. Reviews purchase requests for need and invoices for compliance and completeness for payment. Requires a degree in business administration with several years of purchasing experience or 5 to 8 years of equivalent experience.

Senior Buyer
Responsible for purchasing diversified commodities on a competitive basis to ensure timely delivery and for maintaining accurate vendor records. Will be involved in purchasing, expediting, establishing vendor/user relationships, preparing periodic budgeting reports, analyzing and reconciling complex procurement/accounting problems. Requires 3 to 5 years of purchasing experience with some technical schooling.

Responsible for placing orders, expediting back orders, and processing records for regular stock items. Will process requisitions, research products, clarify specifications, prepare purchase orders, select vendors, maintain product-information files, and follow up on back orders. Requires some prior experience of at least 1 to 2 years of purchasing from vendor sources.

Purchasing Clerk
Responsible for performing typing and clerical duties related to the business of purchasing. Will be required to complete computations, type reports and correspondence, and maintain file system.

Maintains a central-information resource within the company and coordinates the activities such as referencing, indexing, cataloging, and information acquisitions. May direct the efforts of library-support personnel. Organizes information materials and maintains up-to-date materials to meet needs of staff.

Information Specialist, Library
Provides specialized support within a library and is assigned a specific area of responsibility in acquisition, organization, maintenance, utilization, or retention of library resources. Should have 1 to 2 years of experience with a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science.

Travel Coordinator
Responsible for maintaining transportation schedules, making travel arrangements, and developing itineraries. Makes car rental, airline, and hotel reservations for employees. Prepares monthly statements of travel expenses to Accounting; determines lowest cost of travel and lodging alternatives.

Mail/File Clerk
May process incoming or outgoing mail, operate related machines, and perform other routine duties. Performs routine filing and sorting operations according to an established system. Locates and removes material upon requests and keeps records of its disposition.

Senior Press Operator
Performs duties of Offset-Press Operator and is an experienced operator with knowledge of various printing techniques. May functions as Group Leader in the print-shop operation.

Offset-Press Operator
Operates offset printing press, at least two-color capability, and maintains equipment for high-quality production. Work may require short-term deadlines. Will operate binding equipment, cameras, cutter, plate burner, and folding machine.

Reproduction Operator
Operates all reproduction equipment to reproduce copies. Sorts, collates, staples, and performs other simple clerical duties.

Receptionist/Switchboard Operator
Has combined duties of greeting and directing guests entering and leaving facilities, as well as handling console operator duties for all incoming and outgoing calls. May do incidental typing and/or routine clerical work as assigned.

Primary responsibility is greeting visitors, ascertaining their names and companies represented and informing proper employees of arrival. Must have sufficient knowledge of company’s business to direct visitors. May do incidental typing and/or routine clerical work as assigned.

Administrative Assistant To Chief Executive
Performs related administrative-support services for the Chief Executive in the firm; i.e., Chairperson of the Board and/or President; Managing Partner/Principal. Work is of a confidential nature and requires some analysis and preparation of reports. Works in a computerized environment with knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets and graphics.

Administrative Assistant
Performs various administrative functions for a senior executive and/or an executive of an operating group. Functions involve the preparation of certain reports, the analysis of reports with recommended actions, and the supervision and/or monitoring of work activities within the group for the responsible executive. This position often times is the coordinator of the administrative-support services of the group. Works in a computerized environment with knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets and graphics.

Administrative Support 3
Performs complete administrative support duties for a senior-level executive who is leading an operating unit in the company. Does work of a confidential nature and relieves executive of designated administrative details. Must exercise initiative, judgment, and knowledge of company practices, policies, and organization. May also direct and review work of an administrative staff. Works in a computerized environment with knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics.

Administrative Support 2
Performs administrative support duties for supervisor of small organizational unit (up to 15 persons) or non-supervisory staff specialist. Requires good proficiency in all related administrative skills and may direct the work of other clerical staff. Works in a computerized environment with knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics.

Administrative Support 1
Performs administrative support duties within a group. Takes and transcribes dictation with speed and accuracy. Maintains correspondence and data files, arranges appointments, answers routine inquiries, etc. Works in a computerized environment with knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics.

Senior Word Processing Operator
Operates with high proficiency and skill the various automated word-processing equipment within the company in the preparation of reports, tables, correspondence, listings, etc. Minimal direction is provided.

Word Processing Operator
Is responsible for transcribing and copy typing the many types of work handled by the company’s automated and processing equipment. May also perform other secretarial or clerical functions, and work is directly supervised.