Senior Technical Editor

Individual has significant experience that enables technical editing/rewriting with a minimum of review. May direct the efforts of Technical Editor(s) of less experience and may determine workflow priority. Should have at least 5 years of applicable experience preferably with a technical degree.


Technical Editor

Performs editing and/or rewriting of technical reports and documents subject to approval of author. Ensures consistency and clarity of style within technical reports. Usually works without direct daily supervision, but is in regular contact with technical staff to clarify reports, meaning, format, and style of their work. Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in English or Journalism with basic understanding of technical content of reports.


Senior Specifications Writer

Coordinates the preparation of contract documents and specifications. May schedule and review the work of other Specifications Writers. Has significant and diverse experience and is able to recommend specifications requirements and content and to oversee the production of completed documents and specifications. Requires applicable technical degree with 5 years’ experience in specifications.


Specifications Writer

Prepares contract documents and specifications for technical projects while insuring compatibility with drawings and/or technical conditions. Will write technical specifications in compliance with outline, acceptable standards and existing laws, rules and regulations. May prepare bid sheet, measurement, and payment sections of specifications. Position requires technical degree with 2 years’ experience.


Graphics Manager

Is responsible for directing the production of all artwork and pre-press work. Coordinates between all departments to ensure that users’ requirements are met relative to graphic-art needs. Will prioritize workflow and oversee the timely preparation off all work.


Senior Graphic Artist

Oversees the production of graphics from conceptualization, development, to final presentation. May supervise the daily activities of other Graphic Artists. Will coordinate the acquisition of vendor services when applicable for a project. Should have a Bachelor’s Degree or Certificate in Graphic Design with 5 years of experience and a good working knowledge of graphic techniques and tools.


Graphic Artist

Completes assignments from conceptualization and design to production for specific graphic projects with supervisory review of work during each project. Must have a working knowledge of graphic-design equipment. Should have an Associate Degree or Certificate with 2 years’ experience.


Audio-Visual Specialist

Is responsible for audio-visual and photographic support of public relations, internal communications, client presentations, training, advertising, and other programs. Will plan and produce various types of slide or videotape presentations. Normally requires a Bachelor’s Degree in photography, media production, or visual arts with 3 to 4 years’ experience or equivalent background.