Director of Finance

Responsible for the direction, coordination, and supervision of the company’s financial (possibly administrative) activities. Will plan, administer, and recommend policies involving corporate financial management, and may serve as Treasurer of the company or report to the Treasurer or Chief Executive Officer.



Responsible for maintenance and operation of the entire accounting system, including the gathering and reporting of correct financial information to management. Establishes internal-control procedures and improvements to accounting system. May analyze data to show effects or proposed plans on capital investment, income-cash position, and overall financial condition. Supervises preparation of various tax returns. Reviews application of standard terms and conditions to proposed contracts and maintains billing-rate structure for the company. Coordinates the accounts payable and receivable functions of the company.


Manager of General Accounting

Responsible for organizing and directing all general accounting activities. This involves maintaining systems to insure the accurate and proper accounting of company resources. May be required to provide financial statements, analyses, and various management reports as needed. Normally directs the activities of the general accounting staff; and, dependent on size, may include accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.



Responsible for reviewing status of delinquent accounts and initiating collection action. Will notify appropriate parties involved and prepare correspondence. Conducts research on disputed delinquent accounts and begins corrective action regarding errors. Responsible for initiating legal action when needed through repossession orders or court action.


Internal Auditor

Is responsible for auditing accounting, financial, and statistical reports and data within the company to ensure the accuracy of information and compliance with established accounting principles and company policies. Is able to conduct audits of a moderately complex nature and provide evaluation of findings. Normally has a Bachelor’s Degree and 3 to 4 years’ experience.


Senior Accountant

Oversees the daily operations of a complete accounting system or provides direction to major segment of the accounting function where difficult financial procedures and interpretations must be made. May supervise the activities of lesser-experienced accountants and bookkeepers. Position requires a comprehensive knowledge of each accounting function with a degree in accounting and at least 5 years of experience. Will provide primary technical contact with external auditors.


Project Accountant

Performs various specialized accounting functions of moderate complexity and ensures that procedures and practices are being followed in accordance with company policy, accounting principles, and contractual obligations. Coordinates the project accounting system within the company and works with technical staff to ensure compliance with contractual requirements. May supervise the activities of various accounting clerks and be responsible for the preparation of periodic reports for management. Normally requires a degree in accounting with at least 2 years of experience or equivalent training and experience.


Accountant – Entry Level

Responsible for performing various accounting tasks as assigned, under direction of experienced accountant. The scope of work includes preparation of uncomplicated financial reports, preparation of charts and tables for reports, and review of financial statements for completeness, accuracy, and conformance to established accounting procedures and principles. Has general working knowledge of database accounting systems.


Senior Financial Analyst

Responsible for the quantitative analysis of complex financial data needed in fiscal planning, budget planning and control, and project-cost evaluations. Prepares detailed reports and evaluations of financial information and will provide management with recommendations for action and/or modifications regarding financial procedures, plans, and controls. May supervise less-experienced staff and normally will have 5 years’ experience with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Business Administration.


Financial Analyst

Responsible for the quantitative analysis of various types of financial data needed in planning, budgeting, cost control, project control, etc. Will prepare reports pertinent to analysis that will include financial projection, procedures, and recommendations of actions.


Senior Underwriter

Responsible for developing and implementing underwriting procedures, practices and policies in accordance with corporate philosophy. Maintains and develops Producer-based agency strategy. Provides clear instruction to Underwriting Analysts and service center to ensure proper service to Producers. Has in-depth underwriting experience, technical knowledge and managerial skills; with the ability to make sound, profitable decisions relating to underwriting issues.


Underwriting Analyst

Responsible for monitoring the coordination of pricing and product implementation. Will provide data support and maintain existing reporting base as required. Develops various various reports and bulletins for management. Normally has a bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years insurance experience. Has a good working knowledge in the application of computer software used in underwriting.


Underwriting Assistant

Responsible for performing routine transactions entering the underwriting department with minimal guidance. Will prepare the risk for complete and efficient underwriting review for transactions outside assigned processing guidelines. Serves as initial contact on inquiries and may be coordinator between Underwriting and Services Departments. Normally has at least 5 years experience as processor, rater or customer service representative with product, coverage, and system knowledge.


Billing Supervisor

Manages the activities of the billing department to insure accurate and timely invoicing. Will supervise the work of billing clerks to ensure accurate and timely billing completion. Oversees the preparation and data entry of various costs for billing purposes. Prepares reports on a regular basis to management pertaining to billings.


Payroll Supervisor

Responsible for the processing of payroll for all employees. Will supervise the work of the payroll department personnel from the source of authorization to the delivery of salary checks; maintenance of earnings records; and compliance with federal, state, and local reporting requirements. May be required to coordinate these activities with an outside payroll service.


Payroll Clerk

Performs payroll function, including the computation of required and voluntary deductions, preparation and verification of payroll, and maintenance of payroll records and reports. Prepares various government reports and processes payments to employees.



Maintains a complete and systematic set of business transaction records. Reconciles books and prepares reports to show receipts, expenditures, account receivables and payables, and various other business operation information.


Senior Billing Clerk

Responsible for calculating accurate billable charges and preparing final invoices. Will prepare a work-up of customer/client bills using computer to produce report on all charges. Verifies all account numbers required on bills and applicable expense charges. May oversee the work of lesser-experienced Billing Clerks and provide training as requested. Minimum 3 to 4 years’ general accounting experience normally needed.


Billing Clerk

Responsible for calculating charges from entered data and providing an initial review of data for accuracy of amounts and account numbers. Will assign billing numbers to assure accurate tracing of all billable charges. Will submit initial invoice work-up for supervisory review and approval. Minimum 1-year general accounting experience normally needed.


Senior Accounting Clerk

Handles one phase of accounting in a large unit that requires training necessary to determine proper accounting entries. Prepares accounting reports and may analyze accounting records to determine causes of results shown, etc. May direct work of junior-level clerks. Works with general supervision or entirely on own.


Accounting Clerk

Under general supervision, performs a variety of routine bookkeeping work such as checking, verifying, and recording journal entries, accounts payable vouchers, or other standard accounting procedures of a recurring nature.


Accounting Clerk – Entry Level

Under immediate supervision, performs simple and repetitive tasks that may involve posting, detail verification, and filing.