Head Counsel

Directs all legal functions handled within the company. Must be Bar-approved with ability to supervise activities of both in-house legal staff and/or coordination efforts of outside attorneys. Is involved in evaluation of legal actions to be taken by the company regarding litigation cases. In larger companies, may also be responsible for support functions such as personnel, facilities management, and contract administration.


Senior Attorney

At the senior level, will conduct and oversee company’s legal assignments of significant complexity and importance to its business function. In larger companies, this level may supervise the activities of other Attorneys of lesser experience; and, in smaller companies; this position may function as the senior in-house legal counsel for the company. Normally, this level of Attorney is Bar-approved and will have at least 7 years of experience.



This level Attorney is fully competent in a specific aspect of legal staff work and is able to take the lead role on assignments of moderate complexity. Will coordinate the efforts of outside Attorneys on a case-by-case basis. Is involved in the evaluation and review of contractual matters for the company. Normally, this level will have 5 to 7 years of legal experience and may be Bar-approved.


Junior Attorney

This level is at the developmental stage and will assist in general legal work of limited scope and complexity. Typically, is involved in contract reviews and specific tasks supporting internal legal matters. Has limited outside interfaces that are of a fact-finding nature. Normally, this level will have 2 to 5 years of experience and is not Bar-approved.


Para-Legal Specialist

This position will provide technical support to the Attorney(s) in data research, reviews, and preparation for specific-case assignments. Should have technical training in the paralegal profession.


Legal Secretary

Provides administrative or secretarial support for a single or multiple attorneys. Performs transcription of legal documents, correspondence, contracts, or briefs. Reviews and edits prepared documents for accuracy. May investigate facts for projects from existing files and draft a summation. Usually an intermediate level requiring relevant vocational training plus 1-2 years experience, or equivalent.