Director of Marketing/Sales

This position’s primary function is to develop, implement, and maintain effective company-wide sales and marketing programs that provide maximum exposure to new business prospects within the established goals and objectives of the company. Provides direction, control, and coordination to all sales development activities.


Director of Sales (or Business Development)

Responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy and sales plan of the corporation. Will oversee the selection, training, and direction of the sales staff. Will prepare annual sales forecasts and monitor staff performance in achieving defined sales goals. Develops and motivates staff to maximize their selling efforts. Responsible for the preparation of sales expense budget to ensure expenses are controlled. This is a senior-level management position normally reporting to the President or Executive Vice President, having significant experience in direct sales and sales management.


Director of Marketing

Responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining a corporate marketing program using market analysis and research. Develops long-range marketing strategy in accordance with established corporate goals for products or services. Will develop market-study data for targeted market areas to aid operating divisions or product sectors to achieve maximum market exposure. Prepares the corporate marketing plan with an annual budget and directs the implementation of this plan. May direct the advertising and publicity efforts within the company. Provides direction and control to all assigned staff. This is a senior-level management position normally reporting to the President or Executive Vice President.


Director of Communications

Responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining an external communications system and public relations program to support marketing efforts. Is responsible for maintaining an internal communications program.


Director of Public Relations

Responsible for developing, coordinating, directing, and administering policies relating to all phases of public relations. Will evaluate visiting programs, practices, services, techniques, and procedures for continued effectiveness of publicity efforts.


Proposal Manager

Responsible for the supervisory coordination and efficient operation of a centralized proposal preparation group. Ensures that schedules in proposal submission are met and that various aspects of proposals (technical scope, staff qualification and experience, biographical data, government forms, contract terms and conditions, pricing, etc.) are properly presented in a timely fashion. Supervises the support staff to prepare proposals; i.e., word processing, coordinating, printing. May prepare status reports and maintain various databases to monitor marketing activities.


Senior Proposal Administrator/Coordinator

Similar responsibilities to the Proposal Administrator/Coordinator, but will coordinate the efforts of other staff and have broader experience in expediting the proposal process through the organization to meet deadlines. Normally, will have 5 or more years’ experience in proposal preparation work.


Proposal Administrator/Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating various aspects of proposal preparation to ensure that all parts are completed and produced for submission within the set timeframe. May involve evaluating and clarifying client requests prior to submission and participation in pre-proposal meetings.


Senior Business-Development Consultant (Sales)

Responsible for developing a sales program and generating new business opportunities to ensure maximum exposure of the company in an established region or territory. Involves developing leads, pre-proposal visitations, proposal preparation coordination with technical staff, and assisting in negotiation as requested. Requires business-development experience of at least 6 years.


Business-Development Consultant (Sales)

Under general direction, will pursue the development of new business prospects within a given region or territory and work with the company’s technical staff in proposal preparation and presentation. Primary responsibility is to develop new business leads and/or establish an effective marketing program within a given area. Requires business-development experience of at least 3 to 5 years.


Business-Development Representative (Sales)

Within a defined area of responsibility, will pursue new business opportunities for the company. Work is well directed, and assigned tasks have specific objectives and responsibilities. Actions taken require approval. Functional responsibilities may be in sales or marketing support, where procedures and practices are established. Need sales or marketing-related experience of 1 to 3 years.


Assistant Business-Development Representative

This is an entry-level position in sales or marketing support activities.


Marketing Coordinator

Maintains files and records pertinent to sales leads and coordinates the follow-up actions regarding these business-development contacts. May be required to prepare reports and analyze information on marketing actions and strategy. Will contact prospective clients by telephone for pertinent information.